Nick Jokić

CS student, musician, coffee lover.

nick drinking coffee, shot with analogue camera

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Who am I?

I’m Nick Jokić, a 22-year-old student, finishing my bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The most appropriate words to describe myself would be: creative, kind, honest, a tech enthusiast since childhood and a team player. I enjoy turning complex coding problems into clear, readable solutions.

Web development has been my main area of interest for the past few months. I also took part at DragonHack 2016 hackathon in Ljubljana. Currently I’m on a journey of learning new web technologies and improving my existing knowledge.

I’m also a passionate musician - multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar and drums) and a composer. I have a small home recording studio and in my spare time I'm improving my audio production skills.

*If you are interested you can listen to my band’s latest album here: Human Magnet

My Skillset

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | jQuery | Bootstrap

Node.js | Express.js | | MQTT | XMPP.js

Data Visualization Libraries (Rickshaw.js, Morris.js, Dygraphs, Google Charts, Chart.js)

MongoDB | MySQL | PostgreSQL

Python | Bash | Git | Matlab | Linux

Google Maps API | OpenWeatherMap API

*Also familiar with: PHP | Prolog | Java | C | Docker | Unity | C# | RabbitMQ | WordPress | SleekXmpp


Škuc Association - Website
Škuc website

ŠKUC is one of the leading non-governmental organisations promoting non-profit cultural and artistic activity in Slovenia

Human Magnet
Human Magnet official band website

Official band website and audio production

Tečaji nemščine
Tecaji nemščine official business webpage

One-page scrollable business portfolio site

E-health web app
E-health web app project

Preventive diagnostics for heart diseases

Mines of Paris
Mines of Paris - Unity game

Unity game developed with Tim Knez & Luka Zakšek

FRImenjava - Dragonhack Ljubljana 2016 project

DragonHack 2016 Ljubljana project: Timetable exchange for students


Job positions

Web Developer at Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Working on realtime data visualization.

August 2016 - July 2017


  • 3rd award for the "E-home health care" web application, issued by company "Parsek d.o.o" (June 2017)
  • 3rd place @ ITchallenges finals 2017 in Krakow, Poland (Frontend JS)
  • 3rd place @ ITchallenges finals 2016 in Krakow, Poland (Frontend JS)

Other Skills

Tech Skills:

Google Analytics | SEO

Audio production (Logic Pro X)

Image editing (Adobe Photoshop)

Video editing (Final Cut Pro X)


Slovenian: native language

English: fluent

German: proficient

Serbian: conversant